Star Spotting: How To Take A Flawless Selfie Like Katy Perry In Three Easy Steps! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry gives a totally pro bono selfie tutorial to an eager KatyCat!

Class is in session for Katy Perry's selfie course!

Remember that time Katy Perry taught us how to NAIL the helicopter ponytail? Well, the KatyCat College Of Prismatic Studies (totally accredited, BTW) is currently accepting applications for a new spring semester course: Flawless Selfies 101.

Arriving at "Good Morning America" in New York City to unveil her "Who You Love" video with boyfriend John Mayer, Katy whipped out a preview tutorial with an eager fan outside. Step one, take control of the phone because everyone knows that the person who controls the phone CONTROLS THE ANGLES!

The next step involves tilting your head just a bit to allow all available light to bounce off of every facial plane. That way, your skin will glow in all its glory. Do you see how the "Unconditionally" singer's holy visage just sparkles like the Hope Diamond? #DoingItRight

Finish your Katy Perry tutorial, and watch Austin Mahone's own selfie how-to video after the jump.

Finally, demand full veto power on any and all photographs taken. A "no posting this ish until it's properly filtered on Instagram" rule is truly the key to achieving high-quality selfies. This step, of course, only pertains to us students as Professor Perry has probably never taken a bad picture in her life. (Don't believe us? Remember those prismatic birthday photos? TOLDJA.)

+ For more selfie tips and tricks, watch Austin Mahone's "The Art Of The Selfie" video.

Photo Credit: Splash News