10 Darkest Moments In Eminem’s ‘The Monster’ Video Featuring Rihanna

Get along with the voices inside Em and RiRi’s head in the duo’s new clip.

Controversial. Polarizing. Provocative. These are all words that have likely been used to describe both Eminem and Rihanna in the past. But, “demonically possessed”? According to their new video for “The Monster,” they just might be. #darksided

The Rich Lee-directed clip begins in Rihanna’s office. There for a therapy session, Em reclines to watch what basically amounts to a “life in review” — past music videos, his iconic “Stan” performance with Elton John, his history of substance abuse, his marital and family troubles. The “Ring”-style production values are honestly pretty skin-crawly, but hey, Dr. Fenty knows best!

Eminem’s world soon spirals out of control, as he’s thrust into an elevator, forced to view memorable scenes from past music videos like “Lose Yourself,” “The Way I Am,” and “My Name Is.” (In case anyone forgot why he calls himself a “Rap God,” this video serves as a pretty good reminder!)

Eventually, the Marshall Mathers LP 2 clip reaches its conclusion as Eminem’s elevator touches solid ground. Just who is “the Monster” that he and Ri keep going on about? Well, let’s just say that the big revealĀ  — easily the darkest moment on this countdown — is even scarier than two through 10 put together. #DARK

10.) Not to be too literal, but how are you gonna take notes, Doctor? Turn a damn light on!

9.) Who made the life-summarizing tape Em watches? A troupe of East German installation artists from 1983? So unsettling!

8.) When you realize that some Illuminati conspiracy nut is already theorizing that Rihanna and Dr. Dre are the same person.

Watch Eminem’s “The Monster” video featuring Rihanna after the jump.

7.) When you see how thinly Dr. Rihanna veils her metaphors.

6.) That “My Name Is” straightjacket. Paging claustrophobia!!!!

5.) When Rihanna conjures up some witchy sorcery moves in that empty room.


3.) The re-created falling scene from “The Way I Am.” SOME OF US HAVE VERTIGO.

2.) When Em gets real, referencing his past problems with substance abuse.

1.) When Em finally comes in contact with “The Monster,” and…

It’s actually just him! Or, the dark demons who fuel his artistic process. Anyway, have fun sleeping tonight!

+ Watch Eminem’s “The Monster” video featuring Rihanna.

Photo credit: Interscope