John Mayer + Katy Perry’s ‘Who You Love’ Video: Where True Love Meets ‘Bound 2′-Style Bull-Riding

If y’all thought the scene where Ben Affleck gently caresses Jennifer Lopez’s water-slicked ass in the “Jenny From The Block” video was something to behold, then you’d best prepare yourself for all the not-so-vaguely sexual mechanical bull-riding that Katy Perry and John Mayer whip out in their “Who You Love” clip.

After careful consideration, we’ve deduced that it may or may not be #JATY’s subtle, indie cowboy boot-wearing homage to all the raunchy motorcycle sex that went down in Kanye West and fiancée, Kim Kardashian’s, “Bound 2.” Just sit back, and think about it…

YEP. Also featured in the Sophie Muller-directed video is a veritable fantasia of puppy dog eyes, ear-touching, and tender stand-up spooning that will likely inspire you to seek true and lasting romance.

(And in my case, GET OFF TINDER IMMEDIATELY! A “right swipe” does not a marriage make, my friends.)

Watch Katy Perry and John Mayer’s “Who You Love” video after the jump.

Premiering the video on “Good Morning America” this a.m., Katy and John also shared their “foolproof Christmas morning popovers recipe.” Wait, pardon?? Is this real life?!?!

So much tenderness! #JATY forever!

But back to the clip! Throughout the music video, we meet a group of diverse, IRL couples who were cast for the video. Shot in slow motion, each loving pair takes a super-smiley ride on the mechanical bull. (DO NOT SPOIL MOMENT WITH SEX JOKE. DO NOT SPOIL MOMENT WITH SEX JOKE.)

While all of this is going down, Katy and John are perched on the sidelines, casually gazing into each other’s eyes as they trade off verses.


But don’t think that #JATY got away without taking a vaguely sexual spin of their own on the mechanical bull! After all of the other couples have their turn, Katy and John hop aboard the thrusting beast as colorful fireworks rain down from the heavens.

Bet they’re not feelin’ like plastic bags now!

Thankfully, just when you think you’re about to puke from all the romance, John whips out a rather phallic confetti gun and sprays himself and Katy until they’re a colorful mess of shredded paper. I mean, SOMETHING had to give. ENJOY!

“He Monica Funfetti’d all on my gown.”

 + Watch Katy Perry and John Mayer’s “Who You Love” video.

Photo credit: John Mayer’s Facebook