Ashley Tisdale Drops 'You're Always Here,' A Touching Tribute To Her Late Grandfather

Listen to Ashley Tisdale's new song, "You're Always Here."

Ashley gets a little bit more personal (raw).

It's official: The return of Ashley Tisdale has thrown us all into, well, a tizzy.

You see, Ash hasn't blessed our ears with a new serving of pop since 2009's Guilty Pleasure, which gave us smashes like "It's Alright, It's OK," "Masquerade," and "Crank It Up." Mercifully, she has returned to us at last with a brand-new tune titled "You're Always Here" -- but don't expect a rowdy pop banger like "Hot Mess."

Listen to Ashley Tisdale's "You're Always Here" after the jump.

Instead, Ashley has crafted a delicate, optimistic ballad recorded in honor of her late grandfather. (Aww!) And, what's even sweeter? She will donate 30 percent of the proceeds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. (Saint Tisdale, TBQH.)

The sweet, synth-filled electro-ballad sees our favorite "High School Musical" starlet earnestly crooning above bubbly beats and an uplifting chorus: "They say that love won't die, and then I realize what will be, will be/ You're always here with me," she sings. Tears forever. Stay strong, bb!

Ash's return to the pop scene also got us thinking beyond the new tune: Is there something in the water in the Hollywood Hills lately? Or, has Disney Channel started doing some serious Throwback Thursday programming?

Because between Hilary Duff's imminent comeback and Lindsay Lohan's bossy Instagrams from inside a recording studio this past weekend, it's as though all of our favorite '00s-era Disney pop princesses have heard our incessant prayers and are now preparing for a grand return in 2014.

Could it be? When you wish upon a star...

+ Listen to Ashley Tisdale's "You're Always Here."

Photo credit: Ashley Tisdale