Is Lady Gaga Cheating On New York-Style Pizza With Chicago Deep Dish?! (PHOTO)

Why is Lady Gaga, a PROUD New Yorker, holding a box of Chicago-style deep dish pizza in her hands?!

Wait, why's Gaga got her hands on a Chicago-style pizza pie?

Y'all better sit down for this: Based on this picture that photographer Terry Richardson posted on his Tumblr, Lady Gaga may in fact be cheating on her hometown's patented New York City-style pizza for some deep-dish Chicago pie! LE GASP!!!!

Lady Gaga CANNOT prefer Chicago deep-dish to New York-style pizza! She just CAN'T!

OMFG, how earth-shattering! (Jon Stewart will FLIP.) Ugh, we have to go stress-eat some nerves. BRB, ordering a pizza -- A NEW YORK PIZZA, thank you very much.

OK, now that we've stuffed our faces with that greasy, folded ambrosia of the gods, we're starting to wonder whether the "Do What U Want" music video director's caption ("Lady Gaga holding a deep dish pizza") is for real or just an attempt at trolling?

I mean, how could a born-and-bred New Yorker actually prefer the 38-gallon cheese and tomato sauce stew held together by a crust thicker than your average Antarctic glacier over the thin, practical, mobile-ready slice that NYC knows and loves? #IsThisRealLife

But you know what? Maybe, we just have to accept that THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Like, after touring the nation so much in the past few years, Gaga has come to the conclusion that Chicago-style pizza truly is better than its thinner, New York City counterpart.

Or, maybe it's DiGiorno.

Photo credit: Terry's Diary / GIF: Giphy