WARNING: Justin Bieber’s New ‘Believe’ Trailer May Leave You Trapped In A Glass Case Of Emotion (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber said some VERY emotional things in his new “Believe” trailer. 

Justin Bieber’s forthcoming documentary, “Believe,” drops Dec. 25, and obviously it’s gonna be the best Christmas gift ever.

But since the 25th is still more than a week away, Justin has just unleashed a brand-new “Believe” trailer (the first trailer dropped earlier in November) to tide us over, and it’s chock-full of juicy visuals, sound bites, and emotional quotes! (Also: a close-up view of Justin’s porn stache stache-lite situation. LOOK FOR IT.)

That said, to sufficiently prepare you for Justin’s visual masterpiece, we thought it wise to get you intimately acquainted with each and every important moment in JB’s new trailer. We’ve selected some of the best/ most emotionally jarring quotes from the trailer and organized them below.

Enjoy Justin Bieber’s impending glass case of emotion, coming soon to a theater near you!

1.) “The paparazzi try to get a reaction out of me.”

Watch Justin Bieber’s new “Believe” trailer after the jump.

2.) “It’s back to being the underdog.” 

3.) “I’m a good person.” 

4.) “Of course I’ve been in love.” 

5.) “It all started with the fans, so it’s gotta end with the fans.” 

6.) “Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands and fly.” 

Watch Justin Bieber’s new “Believe” trailer.

Photo credit: MTV/biebergifs.tumblr.com/justinbiebergifs.com