Star Spotting: This Photo Of Shakira And Her Son Under The Tree Puts Your Christmas Card To Shame

Shakira poses with her son under their Christmas tree.

Congratulations, Shaki, you just won Christmas. FOREVER.

Attention, everyone! You might as well stop sending Christmas cards featuring your family dressed in matching winter sweaters because they will NEVER top this heartwarming holiday moment Shakira shared with her son, Milan, underneath the tree.

(Actually, YOU SHOULD STOP WITH THE MATCHING FAMILY SWEATERS. But that's beside the point.)

Anyway, back to the "Addicted To You" singer's picture. Is that heavenly glow coming from the Christmas tree or Shakira herself? Or, is that just a glare bouncing off the tears gathering in our eyes? Whatever it is, it's MESMERIZING!

Not to mention, this precious Shaki pic has got us all verklempt! Excuse us, we need to grab a Kleenex. And also consider re-creating this moment with our dog. While wearing matching sweaters.

Photo Credit: Splash News