Austin Mahone Stays Classy In A Onesie Next To A Ron Burgundy Cardboard Cutout (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone posed in an "Anchorman" oneside next to a Ron Burgundy cardboard cutout. Ah!

Leave it to Austin to rock an "Anchorman" onesie.

How many of you spent your weekend mimicking a cardboard cutout of Ron Burgundy? Show of hands? Hey, Austin Mahone, raise your hand! That's LITERALLY what you're doing in this picture.

Clearly, Austin counts himself in the Will Ferrell fandom, captioning the Instagram photo: "Anyone else excited for Anchor Man 2?"

Can we all take a second to give the "Banga Banga" singer props for his stanning commitment to "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"? Boyfriend is an (almost) grown man wearing a zip-up onesie in a public bookstore. #BowDown

Austin Mahone does his best Ron Burgundy impression in front of a Will Ferrell cardboard cutout.

And seriously, when did Austin even find time to properly fangirl out like this? I mean, he's been taking early flights, performing at Z100's Jingle Ball, and hanging out backstage with Miley Cyrus -- like, STOP WITH THE FLAWLESS TIME MANAGEMENT!

Oh, and bb? NEVER stop with the news anchor-inspired, three-piece suit onesies. Please tell us a Mahone/ Burgundy fashion collabo is in the works for 2014!

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram / GIFs: Panda Whale