Taylor Swift Spent Her 24th Birthday Prancing In A Sea Of Flowers And Partying With LORDE! (PHOTOS)

Awww, Lorde came to Taylor Swift’s birthday party!

This past November, Taylor Swift and Kiwi queen Lorde met up for a Shake Shack date at NYC’s Madison Square Park. And if you’ll recall, that pic was very blurry!

So while we love the fact that Tay and the “Royals” chanteuse once hung out for a burger date, the girls’ Shake Shack moment couldn’t quite qualify as the intense, face-forward Lorde + Taylor BFF blackout photo of our wildest dreams.

Well, that all changes today! In fact, consider our Laylor (Lorde + Taylor) bestie fantasies FULLY REALIZED after Taylor shared photos from her 24th birthday celebration, which took place in Melbourne, Australia, and consisted of floral settings and dresses, sparklers, and lots of birthday bestie time with LORDE!

Check out more photos from Taylor Swift’s 24th birthday celebration after the jump.

The “Sweeter Than Fiction” singer shared several photos from her big day (FYI, it looks like the “birthday” page from an Anthropologie catalog), along with adorable captions like “My 24th birthday was a Melbourne garden party. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!” and “The best birthday I’ve ever had.”

From the photos, Taylor’s 24th b-day does in fact seem like the best birthday she’s ever had! (Not that we’d know, but we’ll take her word for it. STILL WAITING ON FIVE YEARS’ WORTH OF B-DAY INVITES, TAYLOR.) In fact, the only thing missing from this idyllic picture is ANYTHING cat-related! But not to worry: Word on the street is Taylor’s mom sent her this singing cat card, so thankfully all the appropriate Taylor birthday bases were actually covered.

Photo credit: Taylor Swift’s Instagram