Star Spotting: Macklemore Crowd Surfed... While Holding A TODDLER (PHOTO)

Watch Macklemore crowd surf... while holding A KID!

Macklemore is literally "with child" in this crowd surfing shot.

So, we've all seen Macklemore jump into the audience to crowd surf before, have we not? I mean, we've even seen the guy "crowd walk," if that's even a thing. Well, now the Grammy nominee has taken his patented concert move to the next level, by which we mean MACK CROWD SURFED WHILE HOLDING A TODDLER.

That's completely right. Not only is Macklemore brave enough to literally thrust his entire physical being into a mosh pit mass made up of about 2,000 more bodies than his, he's now done it while holding the most adorable little girl! (Who's wearing the most adorable li'l earmuffs, too!)

Can you even deal with this cuteness? Because we cannot. Like, there's a toddler in this world who has crowd surfed with Macklemore, and literally all of us have not. #DONE

About this crowd surfing "with child" situation, the "White Walls" rapper explained: "@gogoanyango has been wanting to crowd surf all tour. She finally got her wish last night at the Seattle Children's Hospital Benefit show. Perfect way to end the year. Photo: @lavid."

OMG what a coincidence! That's how we wanna cap off 2013, too! WHADDYA SAY, MACK. Mack? Mack?? #womp

Photo credit: @lavid (Dave Lichterman) via Macklemore's Instagram