It’s Christina Aguilera’s 33rd Birthday! Let’s Celebrate With 33 Flawless Photos Of Legendtina!

Happy birthday, Christina! Here, we made you this.

If you only say one something today, make sure it’s: “Happy Birthday, Christina Aguilera!” (Though we think you already know her name.)

OK, technically the flawless pop diva is ageless, as ethereal essences of pure light and fluttering fingers cannot be measured by any device known to man or lotus. Nobody’s debating that truth. Relax. But, the mortal body that she inhabits is now 33 — so why split hairs? Let’s throw Legendtina the legendary birthday party she deserves!

I mean, it’s not like the iconic pop diva even needs ANOTHER reason to celebrate today. Last night on “The Voice,” her #TeamXtina finalist, Jacquie Lee, made an impressive final showing, nearly snatching the crown.

And, um… remember that time Christina suh-LAYED the live performance game with Lady Gaga in a totally unexpected champagne bubble-poppin’ duet of “Do What U Want“???? #NeverForget #SexPushupWho

And we haven’t even gotten mentioned that since turning 32 last December, Christina has landed two Top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. (First, “Feel This Moment” with Pitbull, and then more recently “Say Something” with A Great Big World.) Seriously, girl, feel free to sit back, relax, and bask in your glory!

AND, DON’T MIND IF WE JOINS YA. As ride-or-die Fighters, we’ve compiled 33 of the most flawless Christina Aguilera photos spanning every era from her bubblegum debut and to ALL THOSE FANS and beyond. Enjoy!

This 2000 VMA red carpet photo’s rubbing us the right way, TBQH.

Check out more flawless photos of Christina Aguilera after the jump.

Slay something. Weep everything.

Where were you when you first saw the newly “Drrrty”-fied Xtina?

Ain’t no other woman! For real.


Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: After LD

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