Beyonce, Katy Perry & Mariah SLEIGH Christmas In These Flawless Yet Festive Holiday Pop Diva #covermoment GIFs!

Serious question: Why celebrate the holidays with your beloved turtleneck-and-fugly-Christmas-sweater-wearing family (and your drunk uncle) when you could spend it with flawless and festive pop divas?

Remember when BeyoncĂ© and the rest of Destiny’s Child performed “8 Days Of Christmas” in fur-lined, Santa-inspired Tina Knowles originals? Or when Britney Spears gave the gift of “Fantasy”? Or when Christina Aguilera wished us a flawlessly bilingual Feliz Navidad?

How about when Kelly Clarkson caroled from “Underneath The Tree“? Katy Perry’s winter wonderland in “Unconditionally“? You’ve seriously forgotten the time that Mariah Carey utterly SLEIGHED the Christmas jam game not once, but TWICE in under 20 years??

Each iconic holiday pop diva #covermoment should be as meaningful to you as the life-altering moment you learned that — SPOILER ALERT — Santa Claus isn’t real. Only way less traumatic.

But just in case you need a gentle reminder of how much better the holidays look when celebrated by gorgeous, flawless, beautiful pop divas, please enjoy them all in GIF wall form! (If you need us, we’ll be contacting our dearly beloved family and friends to make sure we’re not uninvited from their holiday gatherings after that opening remark.)

Check out more Holiday Pop Diva #covermoment GIFs after the jump.

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GIFs: T. Kyle MacMahon of Reality TV GIFs

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