Beyonce Senses Still Tingling Too Hard? Calm Your Nerves With Lorde’s Mellow ‘No Better’ (GIFs)

There’s “No Better” way to kick back today than by listening to Lorde’s new track.

We can’t be the only ones feeling a little, how you say, WIPED today. I mean, Beyoncé releases a surprise fifth studio album with absolutely no lead-up promo, and we’re expected to survive the ensuing media/ musical/ EMOTIONAL onslaught that results? Nah. Well, at least we’ve found one thing that keeps us calm in these flawless-yet-trying times: Lorde’s new song, “No Better.”

The Pure Heroine cast-off track features a sing-song rhyme and a hypnotically pulsing instrumental, all wrapped up in a super-positive vibe. Basically, it’s like the aural equivalent to grabbing the nearest friendly cat, flopping down on the softest surface in your house, wrapping yourself up in a blanket burrito, and just mellowin’ out, man. As the lyrics say: “This will take you down.”

But, just in case that’s not enough, here are some other handy tips on how to keep your Bey Hive nerves from buzzing too hard with a little help from the “Royals” crooner.

OK, we have our objective.

Go to a quiet room in the house, somewhere you can just “do you.”

Dim the lights.

Listen to Lorde’s “No Better” after the jump.

Turn on “No Better,” and try to find your center.

Not working? Try meditating.

If all else fails, whip out some yoga. Look, no lessons!

Obviously, that didn’t work. Not even the gloom-pop princess powers of Lorde can calm your nerves today!

Welp, at least we’ve got a flawless addition to our “Bey-reakdown” playlist!

+ Listen to Lorde’s “No Better.”

Photo credit: Universal Music / GIFs: Pop Culture Buzz, Elaine and Josh, Panda Whale, Tumblr’s giffity-gif-gif, Tumblr’s hellyeahtlc, Tumblr’s rphelper, Tumblr’s beyoncegifs, Conspirazzi

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