Star Spotting: Austin Mahone's Pouty Selfie Is So Sad Yet So Cute! We're So Conflicted! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone looks so sad, and yet so cute! Conflict!

Turm that frown upside down, li'l Mahomie!

UGH, we don't even know how to feel about Austin Mahone's pouty face in this photo. Part of us is all, "AWWWWWW! Why so blue, boo-boo?" But, the other part of us is like, "AWWWWWW that little protruding lower lip is the most adorable thing we've seen since that 'surprised kitty' video!"

The "Banga Banga" singer shared his flawless frown on Instagram to express his disdain for a.m. flights, captioning: "Early flights!" Actually, Austin's face is a lot tamer than ours usually is after we've crawled out of a warm bed, headed to the airport, waited in line, and taken off our shoes at security only to discover that our flight's been delayed two hours. (Can someone puh-LEEZ tell us when teleportation will be invented? Thx!)

Hey, why don't we take this moment to think of ways to cheer Austin up. Perhaps we could remind him of all the fun he had backstage at the Jingle Ball with Miley Cyrus? Maybe we could tell him that there are only 12 more days until Christmas? How about we just tickle him until he's on the floor sputtering in uncontrollable laughter? You know, kinda like that "surprised kitty" video we were talking about!

Aw, Austin Mahone's selfie is so sad yet so cute! Conflict!

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram / GIF: SodaHead