Star Spotting: Pause The Beyonce Freakout To Watch Justin Bieber Fall Off His Skateboard (VIDEO)

Watch Justin Bieber fall off his skateboard!

Today's lesson: Justin Bieber is in fact NOT Tony Hawk. 

Knock knock! You guys even alive after Beyoncé just up and released an album with NO PROMO?! While we totally urge you to take the rest of the day off to familiarize yourself with Bey's vast new body of work, why not take a quick break to focus on something else? Here, cleanse your pop music palate by watching Justin Bieber taking a spill while practicing his skateboarding moves.

Watch Justin Bieber fall off his skateboard and get right back up after the jump.

It's no surprise that one of Justin's main hobbies is skateboarding. In fact, it was just last week that we saw him totally slaying those 360s left and right. But, despite his super strong core region's best efforts at balancing, the Biebs ain't exactly Tony Hawk yet! Always with the good attitude, however, the "Confident" singer decided to post his fall on Instagram to teach his Beliebers a valuable lesson: "Always get up when u get knocked down."

WISE WORDS! Wise words, indeed. Although, once again, Justin? Honey? Justin, sweetie?? We've gotta get you situated with a proper helmet! It's like, do we NEED to order you a custom skull-protector for Christmas? Maybe one like this?? What's it gonna take?!

+ Watch Justin Bieber fall off his skateboard.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram