If Grumpy Cat's All-Star Cat Christmas Video Doesn't Put You In A Festive Mood, Then You Probably Have No Soul

Watch Friskies Grumpy Cat and his pals meow about their Christmas-time trials!

Friskies cats just want to have some holiday fun, too!

It's pretty obvious that we love cats around here. We also like turning boy bands into cats, celebrating Taylor Swift's love of cats, and throwing our weight behind any budding artist who will put cats in their music videos.

That in mind, we are positively losing it over this HILAR cat-themed Christmas video from Friskies, titled "Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas." Because the only thing better than everyday cats?! HOLIDAY CATS.


Watch Grumpy Cat's "Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas" video after the jump.

As you might've guessed, "Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas" stars internet celeb cat (and Friskies official feline spokes-animal) Grumpy Cat along with several other of his famous feline pals, including Colonel Meow, Oskar the Blind Cat, Nala, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat.

colonel-meow grumpy-cat hipster-cat nala-cat oskar-cat

In the clip, a voice-over vocalist (perhaps the voice of all cats?) sings about the toils and tribulations our fuzzy friends face during the holidays. Like, for example, being forgotten about in the gift department (one can of wet food is all they want), or waiting patiently to be fed while everyone excitedly opens their Christmas gifts.

Aside from it being a holiday PSA for cat owners everywhere (for goodness sake, get your cat a sparkly food bowl for the holidays!), "Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas" is also a video with a cause. For every view up to 500,000, Friskies will donate one can of wet food to shelters and rescue organizations across the nation! REJOICE! (So now your scheduled 5,000 views per day can actually make a difference.)


Watch Grumpy Cat's "Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas" video.

Photo credit: Friskies/GIFs: MTV