South Park Shades Britney Spears With A 'Work B**ch' Parody! Britney Stans, U Mad? (VIDEO)


Hey, at least it's not Cartman.

You want a hot bod-eh? You better Photoshop, b**ch. At least, that was the takeaway on Wednesday night's episode of "South Park." Although the Comedy Central staple mostly focused on Kanye West with a plot about how his fiancée, Kim Kardashian, may or may not be a hobbit, there was also a Britney Spears spoof thrown in for good measure, parodying the video for "Work B**ch."

In it, all the girls at South Park Elementary are working on getting hotter to please their male school chums. And by "working," we mean upping their Photoshop game and Instagram filter skills, because that's literally the only way most normal people will EVER be able to look as flawless as the celebrities they're expected to match. Hell, even those celebs themselves aren't immune from such pressures!

Anyway, while we're always here for critiquing the unrealistic and unattainable expectations that pop culture demands of women in regards to their looks, we're also always-always-ALWAYS here for the "Perfume" singer. (We are literally card-carrying members of the Britney Army, after all.) Did "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone go too far with their spoof? Just right? Not far enough? We turned to Twitter to find out.

#BritneyArmy reactions on Twitter ranged from rage...

... to utter disbelief. (Although we think the phrase is "tried to try Britney," just FYI.)

Others were rendered nonverbal and bewildered. Perhaps someday they will understand, but not today.

Watch "South Park"'s "Work Bitch" parody after the jump.

Some were delighted by the "South Park" spoof.

Like, REALLY delighted.

However, many were able to look on the bright side.

The zeitgeist? SNATCHED!

Lol, and there's no such thing as bad publicity!

Especially when it comes from such OBVIOUS secret soldiers in the #BritneyArmy.

We see you, Matt and Trey!+ Watch "South Park"'s "Work Bitch" parody.

Photo credit: Parker-Stone Studios, Comedy Central