Neon Jungle Live Up To Their Name, Bust Out Lions And Light Shows In The New 'Braveheart' Video

Watch Neon Jungle's eye-popping, animal-filled video for "Braveheart."

Five bucks says you'll be hearing "BRAAAYYVE HAHHHHT" in your head for the rest of the day.

Fresh off of performing their U.K. summer smash "Trouble" at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tuesday night on CBS, the four ladies of Neon Jungle dropped the video for their follow-up single, "Braveheart."

Based on the Jeremy Scott-esque Emoji-strewn set last night and the bucket hats-meet-raver revivalist aesthetic in the clip, we feel like the underlying message of these probable Tumblr enthusiasts is: "They may take our lives, but they will never take... OUR REBLOG!"

Watch Neon Jungle's "Braveheart" video after the jump.

While most of the music video serves as in-motion glamour shots of the girls, the severe neon red and turquoise lights give the clip an edge, keeping the whole affair from being too straightforwardly pretty-pretty. Oh, and those rando shots of lions roaring and owls taking flight, too. That always helps.

Also working in Amira, Jess, Asami, and Shereen's favor is the fact that they've made a slightly '90s-leaning dance track that still sounds totally current in the end.

We know, we know -- everyone wants to be Lady Miss Kier. (WHO DOESN'T?) And yes, of course, there's nothing wrong with Katy Perry's total CeCe Peniston blackout on "Walking On Air." It's just nice to hear dance-pop that knows its roots but looks toward the future. Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll just be over here welcoming ourselves to the Neon Jungle.

+ Watch Neon Jungle's "Braveheart" video.

Photo credit: Sony Music Entertainment U.K. Limited