One Direction Pop By 'Sesame Street,' And Obviously Big Bird Fangirls Out (PHOTO)

One Direction will guest star on "Sesame Street" with Big Bird and the gang in 2014!

And they danced all day on the best street ever!

To the delight of Directioners worldwide (and also anyone with a heart), "Sesame Street"'s Twitter handle announced today that English-Irish boy band One Direction will appear on an upcoming episode of the PBS program. First Ed Sheeran's making a 2014 cameo on the "Street," and now 1D? Looks like we've got some sunny days ahead of us, what with Zayn's luxurious eyebrows sweepin' the clouds away and all.

Along with this photo of Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Niall posing on a stoop with Big Bird, @sesamestreet tweeted: "Guess who's 1D's "biggest" fan? (And thanks for visiting Sesame Street, @onedirection!)" Even Big Bird stans for the "Story Of My Life" singers? Awwww, muppets! They're #JustLikeUs.

Not to get too heavy, though -- we know that this is a kid's show and all -- but isn't that kinda like slapping a bull's-eye on Mr. Bird's expansive, yellow-feathered back? How's he gonna deal when One Direction's other self-proclaimed "biggest fans"  -- aka ALL OF THEM -- track him down?

Photo credit: @sesamestreet