Please Welcome Electro-R&B Singer-Songwriter KES And His 'Audio Justice' EP Directly Into Your Playlist And Your Bedroom

Stop what you're doing right this second and listen to Kes' EP 'Audio Justice'

If you love genre-bending electro-R&B, then you've come to the right place.

Isn't there a rule of thumb that says if music industry mogul L.A. Reid signs you, then you've got something good cooking in the talent kitchen? Survey says: Yes! That in mind, L.A. Reid's latest acquisition to Epic Records is the Orange County-born, Compton-raised electro-R&B singer, songwriter, and producer KES, who just released his brilliant EP, Audio Justice. TRIPLE THREAT ALERT!

Listen to KES' Audio Justice EP after the jump.

While every track on Audio Justice is equally stellar, there are a few undeniable standouts. Like, we're talking songs that are drop-what-you're-doing AWESOME. One such song, "Gimme Your Love," is a heady, futuristic mix of synthpop, electro, and R&B, with KES' silky vocals drawing obvious comparisons to R&B kings Miguel and Frank Ocean.

And the comparisons don't stop there: We're also getting some major vibes from R&Dance master Twin Shadow, classic synthpopper Phil Collins, and, on the international-sounding "Arabian Paradise," Prince.

Anyway, you probably don't need any more convincing from us. Get thee to a SoundCloud, press "play" on Audio Justice, and start the "KES Takeover" countdown clock.

+ Listen to KES' Audio Justice EP

Photo credit: Epic