Star Spotting: Ariana Grande Is The CUTEST Christmas Kitten Ever! (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande makes for the cutest holiday kitten ever!

Hark! Ariana the Christmas Kitten approaches!

You may have thought that Christmas' only mascot was some pudgy old bearded dude in red, but Ariana Grande's adorable little winter kitten getup in this Instagram photo makes a strong case for a second. Imagine: Ari as the Christmas Kitten, wishing you and yours a MEOOOOOW-RRY CHRISTMAS! (Also, does this mean she has a pair of cat ear accessories for every holiday? Loves it.)

Just think if Ariana's feline alter ego were an IRL holiday staple! I mean, who wouldn't want to stay up all night waiting for the "Santa Baby" singer to arrive to deliver gifts made out of doilies and wishes and sprinkles and dreams?? This needs to HAPPEN! It's official: We have a NEW X-mas wish.

Like, OK fine, if not Christmas then we're at LEAST willing to settle on some sort of other holiday icon job for Ariana. WAIT! Is Arbor Day already taken? No? Then how about the magical, mystical Ariana Arbor Kitty for 2014! Who's with us?

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram