How To Score A Sk8ter Girl, According To Austin Mahone’s ‘Banga Banga’ Video

Austin Mahone woos a sexy skater girl in his new “Banga Banga” video.

REJOICE! Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” video is here at last! And it might just be his most appealing video yet. What sets this clip apart from the plethora of excellent Austin footage (“What About Love,” “Just A Friend,” etc)? Oh, I dunno, probably because the Gil Green-directed clip’s got EVERYTHING: A mega-catchy chorus, a skate park party with allllll of Austin’s cute friends, retro (yet perfectly wholesome) graffiti, Austin dancing his cute lil’ arse off, and, most importantly, an oh-so-foine, crop top-wearing sk8ter girl for Austin to woo.

Anyway, I know what you’re thinking: How can I score a hot sk8ter girl like Austin’s?? Hey, it’s not hard! Take a deep breath, flip through “Skate Parks For Dummies,” purchase a new, authentic wardrobe at Pacific Sunwear, and you’ll be well on your way. Oh, wait, except it’s not the year 2002. My bad. Welp, let’s look to Austin’s “Banga Banga” video for instruction!

1.) Break through sk8ter girl’s friend posse and approach her directly. (Girls like that.)

2.) Say, “Hey, girl. Meet me at the skate park.”

3.) Making a bold entrance in your red whip.

Watch Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” video after the jump!

4.) In lieu of actual skating, show off your sick dance moves.

5.) If all else fails, FLEX THOSE MUSCLES. (Most sk8ter bois don’t have ’em!)

6.) Keep the skate party going alllll night long.

7.) And most importantly, never attempt any actual skating.

+ Watch Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” video, and check out Austin’s live “Banga Banga” performance from the 2013 EMA kickoff party.

Photo credit: Republic Records

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