For Taylor Swift's 24th Birthday, We Made Her This Surprised Face Cat GIF Because Obviously

 Happy 24th birthday, Taylor Swift! We made you this surprised face cat GIF!

Today's Taylor's birthday? STFU!

Swifter than a cheetah! More precious than an entire display case packed with Precious Moments figurines! Able to expose ex-boyfriends in a single, perfect song! Look, up on the stage! It's an angel! It's four kittens standing on top of one another's shoulders in a shimmering champagne-colored gown! Why no, it's Taylor Swift, and today is her 24th birthday! WOOOOOOOOOO! HBD, BB!!!!

While we've yet to receive our invite to the Grammy nominee's big party, we've no doubt that it's gonna be killer. Just think about who's gonna come, like besties Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran -- oh, and maybe even all of Taylor's Red Tour guests, like Jennifer Lopez, Tegan & Sara, and Sara Bareilles?

But personally, we think the REAL draw of hitting up Tay-Tay's blowout would be seeing the "Sweeter Than Fiction" singer whip out her patented "surprised face" every time she opens a present. Like, a box of homemade cupcakes from Selena? SURPRISED FACE! Matching sets of paddleboarding gear from Ed? SURPRISED FACE! Butterfly kisses from all in attendance? SURPRISED FACE! SURPRISED FACE! SURPRISED FACE!

Actually, you know what? We just straight-up can't wait any longer to see Taylor's flawless facial rendering of joyous disbelief. Here you go, world, a Taylor Swift surprised face birthday GIF, with plenty of cats thrown in for good measure. (Why cats? Ummmm, which part of "Taylor Swift may or may not be four little adorable kittens zipped into a champagne-colored gown" didn't you understand?)

Happy 24th birthday, Taylor Swift! Here, we made you this cat GIF.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: MTV

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