Beyonce’s Photo Shoot With A Stuffed Giraffe Hat Is Decidedly NOT G-Rated (PHOTOS)

Beyoncé posed with a stuffed animal, but it’s not a picture we recommend sharing with kids.

When we think of Beyoncé posing with stuffed animals, we picture precious, family-friendly photo shoots with Blue Ivy and all kinds of G-rated, Disney scenery. Well, think again friends, because the mannequin lover has done NO such thing! In fact, she’s taken to her blog to share pictures of her wearing a stuffed giraffe hat whose ears just barely cover her privates. (Oh yeah, ’cause she’s not wearing any pants.) This is DEFINITELY NSFBIN (Not Safe For Blue Ivy’s Nursery)!

Along with her giraffe hat, the “God Made You Beautiful” singer shared another photo (sans plush headgear) of her rocking only bikini bottoms and a Texas jersey. Is that Texas’ way of saying “GO TEAM”? Whatever — if you’ve got those gams, then rock ’em!

Sadly, we can’t tell what this animal-themed photo shoot was for. But DO WE EVEN NEED A REASON? Maybe it’s National Beyoncé’s Legs Are So Toned Day? Or “National Beyoncé’s Impeccable Face Structure Day? Either one will work! Alert the Texas governor!

 Photo credit: Beyonce’s Tumblr

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