You're Gonna Want A Great Big World's 'I Really Want It' On Your Playlist, Like, IMMEDIATELY!

Listen to A Great Big World's theatrical new record "I Really Want It."

A Great Big World return with a new piano-driven pop jam.

Piano-pop duo A Great Big World have been on a nonstop success trajectory ever since they dropped their moving, tearjerker of a record, "Say Something" featuring Christina Aguilera. Now, after performing their chart-topping single at the American Music Awards and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the boys have boldly chosen to release a follow-up: "I Really Want It."

How is it? Well, let's just say that WE REALLY WANT IT! Playing nonstop. At a very loud volume. All the time always. Apologies in advance to our friends and neighbors.

+ Listen to A Great Big World's "I Really Want It" after the jump.

Rooted by a bouncy, vaguely theatrical piano lick, "I Really Want It" is a heady mix of Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and something off of the soundtrack to "Smash." (R.I.P.) It's like a song from a Broadway musical doused in pop production and sporting hooks for days, making the track's presence on the charts an easy horse to bet on.

As the ebony and ivory cheerfully thump in the background, vocalist  Chad Vaccarino sings of doing whatever it takes to get what he wants: "I'm finally homeward bound/ I'm not giving up/ It's crawling under my skin/ And I don't care if I sin/ I really want it."

Later, he empowers us (thanks, bb!) with a reminder that what you need to get "it" is already inside of you: "Just take a look in the mirror/ 'Cause all you need is inside yourself/ It couldn't be any clearer."

An adorable record with an empowering message? Plus two vaguely nerdy-cute bros (Chad AND Ian Axel) delivering said message? If this wasn't custom-made to literally slay something EVERYTHING in its path, we're not sure what was!

+ Listen to A Great Big World's "I Really Want It."

Photo credit: Epic Records