Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Gives Paula Abdul A Friendly 'Hey Paula' Hug At TrevorLIVE (PHOTO)

Check out this photo of Adam Lambert and Paula Abdul at the TrevorLIVE gala in LA!

Adam and Paula look even better in each other's arms! 

While you were probably eating takeout and watching "Homeland" this past Sunday, Adam Lambert was chilling with tons of celebs at The Trevor Project's semi-annual gala, TrevorLIVE LA -- and we mean TONS! Like, he posed for pictures with hostess Kathy Griffin, Fergie and "Glee" creator Ryan Murpy, and even "Perfume" co-writer Sia!

But which of Adam's many celeb encounters tickled us the most?? Paula Abdul, obviously! Adam took to Instagram to share the above photo, which he captioned: "Great to see u @Paulaabdul." Cuuuuute, but we gotta wonder: Did they coordinate their vaguely matching jewel-toned outfits? Hmmmm...

Speaking of which, we would have SO killed to be a fly on the wall Adam's cranberry-patterned suit that evening! First, because we would've had a sick bird's eye view of the star-studded audience, and second because that's probably the only way to know whether or not the "Lay Me Down" singer greeted Paula with a resounding "Hey, Paula!" You know, as a subtle homage to Ms. Abdul's seriously underrated 2007 Bravo reality show of the same name??

Sadly, we have no way of confirming whether those words were spoken. So if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go binge-watch the entire season on Amazon. (Don't think for a second that we're not gonna hairbrush-sing "Opposites Attract" while we wait for it all to download.)

Photo credit: Getty Images