Here's Ariana Grande's Entire Christmas List, Courtesy Of Her 'Santa Baby' Cover

Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies deliver a super jazzy rendition of the holiday classic, "Santa Baby"

Ariana wants a ton of stuff for Christmas.

Just because Ariana Grande is a celebrity who probably already has everything doesn't mean she can't make her Christmas list and check it twice! And if you want to know what's on that Christmas list, all you have to do is listen to Ariana's new cover of "Santa Baby" featuring vocals by her "Victorious" co-star Liz Gillies. Per the jazzy holiday song, Ariana's in the market for a ring, a light blue convertible, a yacht, and a TON of stuff from Tiffany. (Oh that's funny, US TOO.)

Anyway, we think Ari totally deserves everything on her Christmas list. I mean, hasn't she been an exemplary lady all year? She's sweet and kind, and let's not forget about her perma-"I'M A GOOD GIRL, SEE?" wardrobe!

So, even though Ariana's all but guaranteed a monstrous Christmas bounty this year, we've come up with a few last-minute suggestions so she can REALLY cash in.

1.) The deed to platinum mine: Taken directly from the the lyrics to Ariana's "Santa Baby," a platinum mine seems like a small token of appreciation, doesn't it? I mean, the girl has brought us songs like "Baby I" and "Almost Is Never Enough." Surely an unlimited amount of platinum is the least we can give to say "Thanks for all the slow-grooving."

That could tooootally be Ariana all up in that mine! 

Read more about Ariana Grande's Christmas list after the jump.

2.) A Bumpit: Ariana Grande loves her high ponytails! And with this handy-dandy Bumpit, her ponies will be as VOLUME-PACKED as humanly possible from now until the end of time.


3.) A yacht: Ah, here's another wish taken directly from "Santa Baby"! And it's one we REALLY hope Ariana gets -- mainly because we'd die to see Ariana and Nathan reenact the Jack and Rose balcony scene from "Titanic."

4.) A copy of "The Exorcist": According to a recent interview in Complex magazine, Ariana gets haunted by demons on THE REGS! And while renting an IRL exorcist might be a smidge too much, maybe watching the '70s horror film will help? (Preferably with a light switch and boyfriend near by.)


5.) A mansion full of cuddly dogs: What's the only thing better than a tricked-out mansion? A tricked-out mansion full of CUDDLY DOGS. This rule rings especially true for Ariana, who is, how shall we say, Miley-levels obsessed with her puppies.

6.) A weather maker: In her original holiday song, "Snow In California," Ariana begs Santa to make it snow so that her love can stick around for one more day. We have no clue if actual "weather makers" exist (maybe a weather Shaman?), but if anyone can steal one from a ski resort dig one up, it's Santa!

+ Listen to Ariana Grande's "Santa Baby" featuring Liz Gillies.

Photo credit: Republic Records