Nicki Minaj's Birthday Boob Cake Has To Be Seen To Be Believed (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj topless Halloween selfie

Nicki Minaj had a really WELL-ROUNDED 31st birthday party.

As you may well know, Nicki Minaj is nooooo stranger to showing off the girls. (And by "the girls," we clearly mean "her breasts." And sometimes, "her camel toe.")

Not only does Nicki enjoy showing off her large, perky, out-of-this-world rack in EVERY music video, but she continuously pushes the boob boundaries on Instagram. (Remember her dominatrix-y duct-tape-on-the-nips Halloween "costume"? Sure you do. Because WHO COULD FORGET THAT?)

Welp, turns out Nicki's rack reputation has preceded her. In honor of her 31st birthday, Nicki received a customized birthday cake in the shape of -- what else? -- her boobs! As one does.

Check out Nicki Minaj's birthday boob cake after the jump!

Nicki Minaj's birthday boob cake

Dig in!

Celebrating her 31st year on this earth, Nicki hit L.A.'s Philippe restaurant last night for an intimate, low-key evening. HA, JUST KIDDING. No calling it a night after two glasses of wine for this 31-year-old! Nicki's b-day had Kylie Jenner, Lil' Twist, Caribbean music, vodka cocktails, two other customized cakes in the shape of a pink microphone and a Tiffany's box cake reading "Nicki & Co.," and a stripper pole. Again, as one does.

Those things are all well and good, you know, but what really took the cake at last night's party was Nicki's boob-shaped lady lump cake. Tell me, how does one even order such things?! Do you call up the cake company asking for the Mammary Special? Or the Dirty Pillow Pastry? Or the Cha-Cha Confection? OK, OK, I'M DONE.

Photo credit: @nickiminaj, Splash