Listen To A Preview Of 'Cannonball,' An Empowering New Pop Jam By 'Glee''s Lea Michele

Listen to Lea Michele's "Cannonball."

Lea Michele is bold and beautiful in her debut single, "Cannonball."

We've been wanting a Lea Michele single foreverrrr. Ever since we first heard her belt out Fleetwood Mac's  "Go Your Own Way" on "Glee," we had a sneaking suspicion that Lea would have noooo trouble transitioning into the pop mainstream. Well, today marks that very day, friends! Behold: a just-over-a-minute preview of Lea's debut single, "Cannonball," which is due to appear on Lea's forthcoming Louder album, dropping in early 2014.

Listen to a preview of Lea Michele's "Cannonball" after the jump.

Set to a booming, piano-driven track, "Cannonball" features Lea's crystal clear pipes as she boldly chants the song's empowering lyrics: "And now I will start living today/ I close the door/ I got this new beginning/ And I will fly/ I'll fly like a cannonball."

So far, "Cannonball" sounds like the perfect blend of Lea's theatrical roots and some expertly executed pop production. Expect this track to be a hit among theater kids, Gleeks, and people who love empowering female pop jams. (Sooo, basically everyone.)

+ Listen to a preview of Lea Michele's "Cannonball." 

Photo credit: Columbia Records