Stefanie Scott And Spencer Sutherland Flirt Their Way Through Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran's 'Everything Has Changed' (VIDEO)

Watch Stefanie Scott and Spencer Sutherland's "Everything Has Changed" video.

Stefanie and Spencer make SO MANY PUPPY EYES in their cover vid.

Look, one of our greatest regrets this year is that we haven't gotten to see Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift do some hardcore IRL flirting while performing "Everything Has Changed" live. So, if they won't pony up and be more than just Red Tour BFFs, then we're gonna have to find some other way to channel our passion for #Edlor. (We just made that up... U LIKE?!)

One great way to take our minds off the relaysh that will never be is to watch singer-songwriter Spencer Sutherland (who's opened for the likes of Emblem3, MKTO, Ariana Grande, and Big Time Rush) and Stefanie Scott of Disney Channel's "A.N.T. Farm"'s adorable cover of "Everything Has Changed." These two seriously get their flirt on!!!! Now if only Ed and Tay would follow suit. K, we're dropping it.

Watch Stefanie Scott and Spencer Sutherland's cover of "Everything Has Changed" after the jump.

In #Spencernie's cover video, we're treated to shots of lakeside flirting (too bad they didn't go paddlboarding) as Stefanie lovingly gazes at Spencer who's being all manly in the corner strumming his guitar. Cut to an indoor set where the two singers perch by candlelight, happily singing Taylor and Ed's love song to each other. (And happily planning their wedding, AMIRITE??)

Then, there's a scene where the two lovebirds hold hands and twirl... right after they snap lovey-dovey photos of each other to hang on their mantle. The clip is honestly the perfect "young love" video, and we're super thrilled for Stefanie and Spencer that they can get their flirt on and still sound amazing while doing it. Now if only Taylor and Ed would, you know, DO THAT, TOO!

+ Watch Spencer Sutherland And Stefanie Scott's cover "Everything Has Changed."

Photo credit: Stefanie Scott