Star Spotting: Can Every Mannequin Be Modeled In Beyonce's Likeness? Because That Would Be Perfect! (PHOTO)

Beyonce blends in flawlessly with the mannequins in this photo!

Beyoncé manages to out-perfect three mannequins. HOW?

We were going to make you play "Who's the mannequin, and who's Beyoncé?" with this Instagram photo, but the whole, you know, having real facial features kinda gave it away. So instead, let's play a different game called "How can we get every mannequin's face to be modeled off of Beyoncé's flawless visage so that when we're shopping we can take selfies with 'em and pretend we're IRL shopping besties????" FYI, the winner gets our undying adoration and a $5 gift certificate to Little Caesars.

While you figure that out, we'll just be over here admiring how flawless the "God Made You Beautiful" singer looks mimicking those mannequins next to her. I mean, she seriously puts their fashionable jog game to shame -- and THAT'S THEIR ONLY JOB!

Basically, this pic just goes to show that we humans shall always reign supreme over the plastic dummies we force to model our clothes in stores nationwide -- because anything they can do, Bey can do better. It also makes us wonder whether we are due for a "Mannequin" remake starring Beyoncé and Jesse Williams?? Ummmm, Hollywood? GET ON THAT. Thx!

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram