Sirah Is Over Douchebag Boyfriend Drama In Her 'On To The Next' Video

Watch Sirah's "On To The Next One" video.

Call her Jennifer Lopez, because Sirah has had ENOUGH.

"Oh I-I-I/ Made the time for you/ But you never took a second/ Always on to the next b**ch," Sirah opens the latest release off of Inhale. While the EP's douchebag-eviscerating title track played with similar, breakup-oriented themes, "On To The Next" is way heavier than the playful summer kiss-off, and it's got a video to match.

Watch Sirah's "On To The Next" video after the jump.

While a multicolored, dreamlike haze obscures the action at first, by the end of the clip you realize that the scenes are jumping forward and backward between two different moments in time: before breakup and after breakup.

In the before, we've got our rapping/ singing heroine fighting with her thoroughly disinterested assbag of a BF, returning home after a long day of supreme, unadulterated assbaggery. In the after, we cut to Sirah alone in a hotel room for two. Her guest? A (possibly biblical?) serpent. You know a breakup is serious when people start invoking "The Fall" symbolism.

Oh, and here's some more tantalizing knowledge if you dare to take a bite. All y'all on the West Coast will have a chance to see Sirah go "Up & Down" live as she supports Icona Pop on their tour this month alongside K.Flay. The shows kick off on Dec. 15 in San Diego and wrap on Dec. 21 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and then it's on to the next phase of Sirah's rapidly rising career. Stay tuned.

+ Watch Sirah's "On To The Next" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Recording Corporation