Star Spotting: Here Is Your Daily Reminder Of Demi Lovato's Flaw-Free Perfection (PHOTO)

Here's your daily reminder of Demi Lovato's flaw-free perfection.

Demi's dreaming of a blue-haired Christmas at Nylon's December issue party!

Check your calendars, guys, 'cause today is Marvel Over The Perfection That Is Demi Lovato Day! OK, not officially, but we swear we mailed the petition every day for the past four months so that Queen Demetria D. could get the #PRAISE she deserves. (FYI, that holiday application demands that we all get the day off from work/ school because #3DayWeekendsFOREVER.)

While we didn't get federal approval in time for 2013, let's still make the best of this day by publicly obsessing over how beautiful the "Neon Lights" singer looked attending Nylon Magazine's December issue celebration. (Joe Jonas and his Ron Burgundy-level mustache were also in attendance.) See? That's what happens when you land the December issue cover -- you get VIP access to a MAY-JAH holiday party plus first dibs on the best Christmas cookies.

FTR, we're STILL living for Demi's neon blue hair, because its wintry hues fit with the season. WAIT, did "Blue Christmas" just pop into anyone else's head, too?! Can we draft ANOTHER petition demanding that Demi cover the song before the holidays end? ARGH, we're gonna have so much paperwork this weekend.

Photo credit: Splash News