Video Premiere: Lupe Fiasco Takes A Nostalgic Walk Down Memory Lane In His 'Old School Love' Video Featuring Ed Sheeran

Watch Lupe Fiasco's "Old School Love" video.

Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran would rather listen to vinyl, just FYI.

Nostalgia, huh? It gets to everybody after a while, and hip-hop veteran Lupe Fiasco is no exception. In fact, Lupe's feeling extra-nostalgic in his just-released "Old School Love" video, the lead single off his fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth (out in 2014).

Featuring a cameo from British pop crooner Ed Sheeran, "Old School Love" is kind of the musical equivalent of your dad telling you that in HIS day, he had to walk 10 miles to and from school, in the snow, uphill both ways. Only Lupe's delivery is much less grumpy, so we'll keep the eye-rolling to a minimum.

Watch Lupe Fiasco's "Old School Love" video featuring Ed Sheeran after the jump.

Directed by Coodie and Chike, "Old School Love" features some cheeky animated shapes that happily bounce and swirl around behind black-and-white footage of Lupe, who's rapping about the finer points of the '80s, '90s, and vinyl while sitting on a plastic-wrapped couch.

As Lupe strolls and drives around what could be his childhood neighborhood (and hangs out on said plastic-wrapped couch with Ed Sheeran!!), he throws in some DIY-looking home footage of young kids playing outside.

Are these old home videos of Lupe himself? It's unclear, but either way, Lupe's nostalgic walk down memory lane is working. Suddenly WE only want vinyl over YouTube and "reel-to-reel" over Pro Tools! (We also wouldn't say no to some vintage "TRL" goodies. HINT.)

 + Watch Lupe Fiasco's "Old School Love" video featuring Ed Sheeran.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records