Beyonce Celebrates The Life And Memory Of The Late Nelson Mandela With A Beautiful Photo


Beyoncé remembers Nelson Mandela with a photo from their 2003 meeting.

While Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media outlet continue to fill up with poignant Mandela quotes, celebs who were lucky enough to meet the late president have also taken to sharing their own photos and Mandela memories. Even Beyoncé shared a moving Instagram photo of herself and Mandela.

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The "God Made You Beautiful" singer's photographic memento is actually from a 2003 meeting when Bey hosted the MTV "Meeting Mandala: A Staying Alive Special" documentary -- a film that focuses on such issues as the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, HIV/AIDS, and the struggle for democracy in Burma. Created to celebrate Mandela's life and work, "Meeting Mandela" originally premiered on Mandela's 85th birthday.

In fact, Beyoncé's photo caption seems to channel "Meeting Mandela"'s overall message, which encourages young people to take action and change their environments: "Thank you for all you have sacrificed to improve the lives of other human beings. Rest in peace."

Indeed, the "Life Is But A Dream" star's sentiments say it all. Nelson Mandela has indisputably changed the world, and he was truly a (peaceful) force to be reckoned with. He will be missed by all.

+ Watch "Meeting Mandela: A Staying Alive Special."

Photo credit: @beyonce