Which Member Of *NSYNC Is The New Face Of Bosley Hair Restoration? (VIDEO)

Watch Joey Fatone of *NSYNC's Bosley hair restoration infomercial!

The car you drive? The ice around your neck? Naw, man, it's all about the HAIR!

Is male pattern baldness tearin' up your heart? Are your follicles going "Bye Bye Bye" at an alarming pace? Angry that God didn't spend just a little more time on your hair's longevity genetics? Well, has Joey Fatone -- member of *NSYNC and star of "On The Line" -- got a proposition for you!

The legendary boy-bander is the new face of Bosley, and, following his very own round of what the hair restoration experts call a "hair transplantation," he just can't stop singing their praises (in supertight, five-part harmony obviously).

Boyfriend, we salute you for being so open about an issue that affects roughly half of all men according to a statistic we didn't bother looking up. Plus, you found a way to make money off of it! Have you heard of our list of heroes? BECAUSE YOU'RE ON IT.

Check out before and after photos of Joey Fatone's hair transplantation, and watch his Bosley infomercial after the jump.

Watch Joey Fatone of *NSYNC's Bosley hair restoration infomercial!

But how does the new hair withstand me running my fingers through it, HMMMM??

"As a member of the musical group *NSYNC," Joey opens, "there's a side of me that most people weren't aware of. Now, you know why people don't know me like this? One word: Bosley." Ummm, we're pretty sure that we never caught a glimpse of the top of your head before now because Joey Fatone bows down to no man (#FACT), but yes, Bosley, too.

Wow! Singing, dancing, acting, hair restoration spokesperson-ing -- is there ANYTHING that Joey Fatone can't do? Well, actually yes, as he explains in closing the clip: "We can't change genetics, but now we can do something about it." While we're not exactly sure what state-of-the-art techniques a professional "hair transplantation" entails, we're gonna venture a guess and say... flashlights. The secret is flashlights.

Watch Joey Fatone of *NSYNC's Bosley hair restoration infomercial!

Beyond our realm of understanding TBH.

Sidebar: Bosley experts, is there any possible way to procure some errant strands of Joey Fatone's hair? No, no, no, we're definitely not looking to sell them on eBay as a part of our Retro Pop Stan Holiday Gift Guide. We just need some, because... science. Thx!

+ Watch Joey Fatone's Bosley hair restoration infomercial.


Photo credit: Bosley