Beyonce Looks Like She's About To Climb Something, Possibly The Fabled Mount IAmAGoddess (PHOTO)

Beyonce may be the only person in the history of life to look sexy in a harness and helmet

Question: Have you ever worn a harness and NOT gotten a wedgie?

Beyoncé doesn't need to prove that she always looks great on life-threatening apparatuses. After all, she's looked flawless (and decidedly unafraid) while riding not one, but TWO roller coasters. And now? Bey's miraculously avoiding looking like a total wedgie-prone geek while in a full body harness and helmet! Presumably pre-ziplining? Or perhaps climbing a mountain that we assume is called "Mount IAmAGoddess"?

In between flaunting her riDICK bikini body and hanging with Solange on a family trip to Jamaica, Bey posted a photo of herself stylishly strapped into a harness and posing as if she were about to engage in some questionably daredevil behavior. Again, it's unclear exactly what kind of death-defying activity requires a harness and helmet for protection, but whatever it was, we're sure Bey looked like a graceful, lithe, angel while doing it.

Last thing: Can we give a round of props to Queen Bey for rocking red lips during a presumably sporty activity? Because the only thing I'd be rocking with my all-jean-everything/makeup in the warm Jamaican climate is a sweat moustache.

Photo credit: Beyonce's Tumblr