R. Kelly Turns A Woman Into A Violin On 'Kimmel,' And Somehow It's Even Crazier Than Sex Pushups (VIDEO)

Watch R. Kelly perform "Genius" and "My Story" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

R. Kelly is literally playing a lady like a violin. We are NOT surprised.

We always knew R. Kelly was capable of playing a lady like an instrument (EUPHEMISM INTENDED). But, like, literally playing a real human lady like an instrument? As in, the cover of his Black Panties cover art? Yep, he can do that too!

That's right, R. Kelly Stans: Your boi just went and staged a full-scale, live reenactment of his epic Black Panties cover art last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Like, he literally spent a good 15 seconds strumming a pretty lady's ribcage with a violin bow. That takes #TALENT.

Watch R. Kelly perform "Genius" and "My Story" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" after the jump.

Confidently taking the stage to perform his sultry jam "Genius" (or, as we like to call it, "PYD"'s sluttier cousin), Kelly also launched into the 2 Chainz-assisted "My Story" and even called out Mr. Chainz to come onstage to drop his blazing verse!

Anyway, we know what you're thinking: Why no sex push-ups!?? How will anything EVER live up to Kelly's "Saturday Night Live" performance of "Do What U Want with Lady Gaga?? And to that we say, WAIT! R. Kelly legit turned a hot model into an live instrument. Not just anyone can do that, K? That is a legendary move that only legendary singers are allowed to do. Case closed.

+ Watch R. Kelly perform "Genius" and "My Story" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

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