Star Spotting: A Bouquet Of Flowers To Whoever Filmed Justin Bieber's Shirtless Dance Rehearsal! (VIDEO)

Thankfully, some genius filmed Justin Bieber's SHIRTLESS dance rehearsals. Also, THANKS!

All dance moves look better when done shirtless, non? 

UMMM, so we're noticing a trend here, guys? When Justin Bieber's about to do something difficult, he'll take off his shirt to distract himself -- and us! Remember Justin's shirtless tattoo endeavors? Well, now bro-bro is going sans top during an arduous dance rehearsal. (Fine, so lots of people go half-nakey when they're gettin' physical. But whatevs! We're bringing you legal, shirtless Bieber photos on the regs, so just be happy.)

Justin took to Instagram to share a video of himself nailing his very sexual difficult dance routine, captioning: "#confident comes out Sunday at midnight." "Confident" featuring Chance The Rapper, BTW, is the final #MusicMondays installment, and this video is just part of a series of Instagram posts, revealing the new track.

Watch Justin Bieber's shirtless dance rehearsal video after the jump.

Can we just say that we are, albeit predictably, tooooootally already into it? Like, Justin started out pining for his lost lady in "Heartbreaker," then ish got really terrible with "Bad Day" and "All Bad." Next, things began to look up with the hookup heavy "PYD," and now?! The Biebs is pop music's reigning panty-dropper (no shade, Ursh!), closing with the boldly titled "Confident." BOOM. CARPE DIEM. CARPE PANTIES.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's shirtless dance rehearsal video.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram