DJ Cassidy, Jessie J + Robin Thicke's 'Calling All Hearts' Is More Disco Than John Travolta Wearing Gold Chains Under A Spinning Mirrorball

DJ Cassidy gets perfectly retro on "Calling All Hearts" featuring Jessie J and Robin Thicke

DJ Cassidy, Robin Thicke, and Jessie J's "Calling All Hearts" is about as disco as disco gets.

UMMM, can we take a second to give it up for DJ Cassidy, Jessie J, and Robin Thicke and their SUPER-throwback banger, "Calling All Hearts"? This is no vague retro pop song throwback; "Calling All Hearts" is a straight disco, all-'70s-everything jam that sounds like something Chloe Sevigny would've danced to in "The Last Days Of Disco." Or John Travolta pointing his finger at stuff in "Saturday Night Fever."

Listen to DJ Cassidy's "Calling All Hearts" featuring Jessie J and Robin Thicke after the jump.

Laced with a disco-tinged, bouncy bass line, a jazzy horn section, and layered harmonies, "Calling All Hearts" is a slice of retro heaven anchored by contemporary pop production. Opening the record, Jessie J sings her bright and breezy verse, followed by Robin Thicke, whose vibrato-heavy vocals are the perfect complement to the track.

Eventually the trio, who are going on tour together next February, sing in unison on the song's hook, chanting: "Calling all hearts!/ To the dance floor/ Tonight/ Let love start/ On the dance floor."

Honestly, if Usher hasn't already persuaded you to make "Love In This Club," DJ Cassidy's "Calling All Hearts" is, at the very least, gonna open you up to a dance floor make-out!

+ Listen to DJ Cassidy's "Calling All Hearts" featuring Jessie J and Robin Thicke.

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