#tbt: Beyonce And Christina Aguilera Shine Like Two Queens At The Two Kings Party In 2007 (PHOTOS)

Like a vision of flawlessness… and also shiny hair.

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today, we turn back the clocks to a time when “American Idol” was still anchored by its original judging panel of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, a “Borat” reference probably wouldn’t have warranted a death stare, and a Tennessee transplant was still better known as Hannah Montana than Miley Cyrus. We are talking, of course, about 2007, the year that Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera crossed paths — and we have the photos to prove it!

OK, so for all we know, Xtina and the now-veganGod Made You Beautiful” singer were super secret besties at the time — or at least Myspace friends, it being 2007 and all. But have you ever actually seen the two queens share a photographic frame before, as they are in this shot from the annual NBA All-Star Two Kings dinner party in Las Vegas, hosted by Bey’s future husband, Jay Z, and Lebron James? We’re drawing a big ol’ blank over here!

Check out more #tbt photos of Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera’s 2007 hangout after the jump.

What’s a kiss between queens?

Whoa, we can’t help but wonder what words were said during Bey and the “Say Something” songstress’ exchange, however brief it might’ve been. Maybe Christina was all, “You should’ve gotten a ’Dreamgirls’ Oscar nom.” Maybe? Oooooh, wait! What if Beyoncé was gauging Ms. Aguilera’s interest in a “Beautiful Liar (Three-Way Remix)” with Shakira? A stan can dream.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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