We're Getting Major Dad Vibes From This Photo Of Justin Bieber Cradling A Newborn Baby

Justin Bieber cradling this adorable, tiny baby is giving us MAJOR Dad vibes!!

This preview of Justin Bieber as a daddy is TOO MUCH!!

We tend to feel mildly concerned when we post photos of Justin Bieber with babies. (Hell, we're terrified to even mention the word "daddy" in the same sentence as "The Biebs.")

So just to clarify, the baby Justin is lovingly cradling in the above photo is NOT HIS OWN! The only reason we're even using the word "daddy" in this context is because Justin holding a baby is giving us some major daddy vibes!

Posing with an adorable newborn like a successful politician does on the campaign trail, Justin took to Instagram to share the above photo with his Instagram followers, captioning: "Innocence."

Anyway, fine -- we know Justin's still in his youthful prime, and he's not even thinking about daddy-hood. Like, to even CONSIDER becoming a dad when he's knee-deep in those "All That Matters" make-outs and the PDA-filled "PYD" just seems plain irresponsible!

That said, we're still allowed to gush over the Biebs posing as a future daddy, right? I mean, the man's got "cradling arms" if we've ever seen 'em.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram