Fresh Off The New York Magazine Tell-All, Joe Jonas Sat Down With Nylon Guys (PHOTOS)

You want more? He’ll give you more.

Following Joe Jonas’ whirlwind of revelations in his New York magazine tell-all essay, the middle former member of the Jonas Brothers sat down with Nylon Guys magazine to spill even MORE details about his life. What truth bombs did the “First Time” singer drop this time? Aren’t you just DYING to know?? #PALPABLETENSION

Well, if you guessed “more scandalous secrets involving recreational experimentation with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato and sordid details about his first sexual experiences,” then… you’d be wrong! BUT, for all y’all JoBro fanatics out there who guessed “lasagna, bowl cuts, and Harry Potter,” congratulations! (Also: HOW?) Here are Joe’s latest magazine confessions — AND LO, THEY BE SHOCKERS U GUISE.

Confession No. 1: When fans approach Joe while he’s eating, he’s not upset by it.

Apparently in Joe’s mind, Garfield the cat represents the apex of out-of-control celebrity.

Check out more of Joe Jonas’ Nylon Guys confessions after the jump.

Confession No. 2: Joe’s styling hasn’t always been so put together.

So basically, the middle JoBro is a braver style pioneer than Robyn??

Confession No. 3: All you Harry Potter/ “Camp Rock” slash fan fiction writers are gonna be THRILLED.

No, Joe. Harry Potter looked like YOU.

Photo credit: Shane MacCauley for Nylon Guys, Getty Images

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