Star Spotting: Love In The Time Of Macklemore's New Grill (PHOTO)

Macklemore's preeeeetty much in love with his new grill.

A man and his grill, a romance for the ages...

If only a man and his grill could truly fall in love, we think that Macklemore and his sparkly new mouthpiece miiiiiight just be in the running for most romantic man-on-metal partnership of all time!

The Seattle-based rapper recently took to Instagram to show the #SharkFaceGang his new grill, and, well, we'll let the emotional caption speak for itself: "Shout out to my H-Town connect @tvjohnny & @cstonethebreadwinner for my new teef! I've lost many grills in the past 8 years. Not loosing these." Awww, that's like the equivalent of that tragically beautiful scene in "Titanic" where Rose whispers to a freezing cold Leo: "I'll never let go, Jack." #TEARS

But wait, considering this isn't Mack's first time at the mouth candy rodeo -- remember the "White Walls" rapper's other grill in November -- does that mean that the others got lost somewhere between Macklemore's fully "West Wing"-style blackout at the White House and winning the 2013 AMA for Favorite Rap/ Hip-Hop Album? Ungh, that just makes his affection for this NEW grill all the more emotional! NEVER LET GO, MACK!! NEVER LET GO.

 Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram