Star Spotting: Beyonce And Solange Are Literally The Definition Of ‘L.Y.L.A.S.’ In These Vacation Photos

Bey and Solange get their “Love You Like A Sister” on, and we are seriously jealous!

Here’s a friendly note to everyone: Please don’t even bother sending me your holiday cards where you think you’re all kinds of cute posing with your siblings while wearing reindeer ears. Why? Well, after seeing these heartwarming photos that Beyoncé tumbled of her and her sister Solange on vacation in Jamaica, my eyes just don’t have time to look at any of your foolishness. #SorryNotSorry

Check out more photos of the Knowles sisters on vacation in Jamaica after the jump.

Party pickup over here! Ummm, can we hop in??

Aren’t these photos of the newly vegan God Made You Beautiful” singer and her “Lovers In The Parking Lot“-crooning sister just the most heart-meltingly adorable things since Precious Moments figurines?? Seriously though, this magical Jamaican tableau — complete with Red Stripe and everything! — is literally making us “Awwww!” forever, as well as making us scream: “WHY NOT US TOO?!?!?!”

Our hearts, they seriously CANNOT with this cuteness.

Anyway, these photos will probably cause you to re-evaluate the level of adoration you have for your own siblings. Hopefully, it will give you the strength to FINALLY forgive your brother for tearing up your favorite Spice Girls calendar when you were kids that one time he got mad at you for going into his room without asking. (Sorry! Last personal therapy session on here, I swear.)

Photo Credit: Beyoncé’s Tumblr