Star Spotting: Please Add Skateboarding To Justin Bieber's List Of Non-Singing Talents, Thanks! (VIDEOS)

Check out Justin Bieber's skateboarding moves!

Oh, just the Biebs channelling Tony Hawk!

Justin Bieber has many hobbies -- getting new tattoos, working out, graffiti art, making out with hot blondes in music videos, and getting busy with said hot blondes on countertops, planes, trains, parking lots, and various other household surfaces. Now, feel free to add skateboarding/ Tony Hawk-impersonating to the Biebs' long list of talents that DON'T involve his buttery falsetto!

Justin took to Instagram to share a video documenting his wild skateboarding endeavors, aptly captioned: "skate." YOU GO, BOI! Like, he may not yet be at X Games levels of skill quite just yet, but the "Heartbreaker" def has some moves! Bro didn't fall once, and is it weird to say that he's definitely more agile than your average boarder? More kissable, for sure.

Watch Justin Bieber's skateboarding expertise in action after the jump.

That being said, Justin -- SWEETIE -- where is your helmet?? Haven't we spoken about this before? You were soooo good when you wore an enormous beach hat to protect your face from the sun's harmful rays, and we'd like to see that same level of precaution taken while you're skating down a skinny ramp on a board with four measly wheels!

So, for the love of neurotic Beliebers everywhere, bb, PLZ WEAR A HELMET!!!! You can trick it out with 24-karat bling for all we care, but please protect that precious punim.

+ Watch Justin kill it on his skateboard, and then marvel as Mr. Bieber pulls off a 360!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram