Video Premiere: Echosmith Get Intimate In Their 'Surround You' Video

Watch Echosmith's "Surround You" video.

Echosmith brings its sibling love to the stage in "Surround You."

We've been obsessing over Echosmith since we saw the band's "Cool Kids" music video last summer, and as 2013 heads to a close, they're nearing the top of our year-end Best Los Angeles Sibling Band list. (Shout-out to HAIM!)

We'd like to see the band's debut album, Talking Dreams, on lists of all kinds, a cause helped by their new video for "Surround You."

The hushed track captures the quartet at its most intimate, with singer Sydney Sierota leading the tender love song. "Darling, I'm thrilled to have you by my side," she sings, and the song lifts from lonesome acoustic chords to a chamber-pop climax.

Watch Echosmith's "Surround You" video after the jump.

The video, filmed at the Bardot in Hollywood, captures the band on stage in black and white, giving an emotional performance that feels like they're playing to thousands.

They've been doing that this year, too, opening for Owl City and rocking Warped Tour over the summer. "Talking Dreams" was released in October, with production from Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Tegan and Sara) and a salute from Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Paramore), who helped sign the band to Warner Bros.

+ Watch Echosmith's "Surround You" video.

Photo credit: Smallz & Raskind