Jhene Aiko Sails To New, Er, 'Heights' On 'The Vapors' Featuring Wiz Khalifa (NSFW)

Jhene Aiko and Wiz Khalifa get high from "The Vapors"

Try and guess what Jhene Aiko's new song is about.

If Jhené Aiko's "The Vapors" sounds a smidge familiar, that's probably because you HAVE heard it before. Though the R&B songstress has just released the original version of her slinky R&B song featuring Wiz Khalifa, an alternate version featuring Vince Staples appears on Jhené's Sail Out disc. Honestly, though, with a song as good as "The Vapors," we say the more versions, the merrier!

Listen to Jhené Aiko's "The Vapors" featuring Wiz Khalifa after the jump.

Anyway, while we're sure both versions of the track are excellent in their own way, Jhené's Wiz-assisted version does a lovely job of pairing the "The Worst" singer's delicate vocals with Wiz's signature laid-back flow. Jhené quietly coos on repeat, "Can I hit it again?" and Wiz chimes in with a verse about -- what else? -- his ultra-SICK bling: "So many diamonds on my wrist make my watch look alive."

In conclusion? "The Vapors" is simple, sexy, and quintessentially Jhené's. (It may or may not also make us want to sit in a lounge chair with a cocktail and some "natural" cigarettes. #JustSaying)

+ Listen to Jhené Aiko's "The Vapors" featuring Wiz Khalifa (NSFW).

Photo credit: Jhene Aiko's Facebook