Beyonce Gets Her Showgirl On In This Live Atlantic City Performance Of ‘Party’ (VIDEO)

Bey’s dripping Swagù in that feathery headpiece!

In case you missed it last week because FOOD, Beyoncé released her HBO documentary, “Life Is But A Dream,” on DVD coupled with a second disc titled “Live In Atlantic City,” featuring footage from Bey’s four-night Revel nightclub residency in May.

To promote the release, the “God Made You Beautiful” singer has been unveiling performance clips on YouTube, like this “Showgirls“-worthy live rendition of “Party” below. The sparkling, goddess-like centerpiece in a swirling sea of pink feathers, Beyoncé shines like a true showgirl on stage. Thankfully, unlike the 1995 camp classic, none of her backup dancers look nefarious enough to try anything funny.

Watch Beyoncé perform “Party” live on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour after the jump.

We’ve gotta ask, though, who designed that flawlessly areolicious bustier that Beyoncé’s wearing? Hmmm, let’s see… Oh! It appears that it’s the nipple brainchild of none other than Julien MacDonald! And here we thought it was an authentic Versayce.

We’re sure that Miss Nomi Malone still approves.

Well, it goes without saying that the Bey’s vocals are as on point as always. And those moves! The only negative thing to say about the performance is that it just leaves us burning and yearning for MORE! Now that the massive Mrs. Carter Show World Tour is winding down, do you think we’re gonna see any new releases from the queen? Ugh, SO EXCITED! BRB, we’ve got a lot of feelings to dance out.

+ Watch Beyoncé perform “Party” live on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

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