Kelly Clarkson Puts Holiday Decorations Everywhere To Shame In Her Live 'Underneath The Tree' Video

Kelly Clarkson sings on a snow-covered stage in her "Underneath The Tree" video

Kelly Clarkson goes all out for X-mas in her "Underneath The Tree" video. 

If you thought Leona Lewis had the holidays on lock in her "One More Sleep" video, then you'd better get a load of Kelly Clarkson's extra-festive video for "Underneath The Tree," taken from her new X-mas disc, Wrapped In Red. 

Why extra-festive, you ask? Well, in case you couldn't tell from the picture-perfect still above, Kelly's wearing the most Christmas-y ball gown we've ever seen! There's also fake snow, a giant Christmas tree, and even MORE trees with twinkle lights! And then there's Kelly's RED, BEDAZZLED MICROPHONE. Happy holidays, indeed!

Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath The Tree" video after the jump.

In her ultra-cheery new video, Kellz preps for a crazy decked-out, live holiday performance. After primping and running around in a red Christmas-themed robe, she walks out on stage to demolish a live performance of "Underneath The Tree" with her backup band and singers. Once on stage, the louder Kelly sings, the harder it (fake) snows. Naturally.

MAN!! Now all we can think about is going to Kelly's house for Christmas. (Even if we ARE technically Jewish -- whatever.) Like, could you imagine Christmas at Kelly's?? There'd probably be rhinestone-encrusted ham, a roaring fire, us patting Kelly's baby bump, and plenty of opportunities to sing every song from Wrapped In Red in four-part harmony. BRB, spiraling into a world of Kelly Clarkson-themed holiday fan fiction.

+ Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath The Tree" video.

Photo credit: RCA